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Thread: Muses of a Broken Mind.

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    Unhappy Muses of a Broken Mind.

    The boy sat as time flew by.
    Watching the sun go down.
    So forlorn was this child.
    His family broken and lost.
    Why? Thought the child.

    The boy grew up watching disgust as an entity,
    this illusion proved sorrowful, yet lustful.
    The child once so happy on the outside,
    not knowing of his own inside.
    He grew weary of the pain as he grew.
    It started to effect him, slowly, gradually.

    If colours could describe this child,
    he would be of one that is reserved only for,
    someone without justice in his life,
    the sea combined with the sky,
    that colour, distrust.
    Distrust the colour of hate.
    The colour of inevitable blindness.

    These blind eyes growing inside him,
    until one day he saw.
    He saw what was told to him all of his life,
    that his self-described colour was a reality.

    Don't watch, don't listen, said the boy outloud.
    The people in his mind grew anxious.
    He began expressing utmost rage,
    for what he had gone through.
    Why? was the question murmuring throughout the boy's own mind.
    Of the people he had imagined, he had dreamed.
    Why? said the boy. Don't ASK ME WHY. You are the trouble,
    your misbegotten lives have only brought pain to others,
    others like me.

    The people in his mind spoke softly to each other,
    wondering how this boy, a mere teenager, could talk to them this way.
    The powers that be, were what had brought the boy such internal maddness,
    his strength remained.

    The colour was wrenching its way back to the boy,
    almost nothing was visible.
    Unclear, vague, distraught.
    The boy had died inside, been taken down by his own thoughts,
    his own upbringing that had brought him such utter sorrow before.
    The boy gave up, and the cycle continued until he was one of them.
    One of which had made him this way.

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    Is this the same er0k that was getting a car off his parents a few months back? How things change....

    I'd like to be supportive and show sympathy but I don't know how...honestly...I think it's an Aussie attribute to just shrug off feelings of depression... ....Either that or we're just indifferent...(or dumb)...

    Anyway, here I go. Cheer up , dude. Seriously, life isn't that bad. Just slow down, have a look around or it's gonna pass you by.... Thats about as supportive as I get.................

    On a side note- You could've written lyrics for Nirvana!

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    just having a really shitty time confirmed.. dont worry about it, bunch of crap going down and im having trouble handling it, so this stuff comes out.

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    Rest assure my friend, the upper hand never sleeps.Have faith and put your trust in him and things will defenitely get better.Maybe not today but remember justice will prevale in the end.

    Hang in there.
    Practise what you preach.

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    bah tis all ok now. what was going to happen, and almost surely was, didnt end up happening as bad as i thought. i feel much better now. thanks for da support .

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