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    Tech Humor

    I bet I'm not the only person here that's noticed that not all posts in the Tech Humor forum are tech related. There are still funny of course, but they dont really have anything to do with the title of the forum. So what if the name of said forum were to be changed to something like "General/Tech Humor" or just " General Humor"? Or just have stricter policies for Tech Humor as it is?
    I know I've stayed away from posting funny things I've run across as they weren't tech related, I'm sure quite a few other people do as well.
    What do you guys think?
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    Yes. I also feel the same. Quite a lot of posts there are not related to Tech Humor at all. It would be better if the name / title of the forum is changed to something else.
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    Originally posted here by manpreet
    It would be better if the name / title of the forum is changed to something else.
    Don't know about anyone else, but I would be far more in favour of restrictions placed on the tech humour forum as it currently is, than a name change to 'general humour'. Changing the name would just open the floodgates - rather than thinking twice about posting non-tech humour, people would just post it anyway and that forum would become much more clogged than it currently is. In the past week there have been ~20 threads started in tech humour, changing the name would bring this up even further. JMHO


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    I would be grateful if that particular forum is removed completely. There's no constructive posting in there at all - there are enough humouristic sites around, antionline isn't (shouldn't be?) one. Like the others already said: it's slowly taking over the main discussion here, which, imho, degrades the overal quality of the site.
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