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Thread: McDonald's "We Love To See You Smile"

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    McDonald's "We Love To See You Smile"

    So what about the grinish smirk from the tight lipped man in the next booth? As his eyes roll back and he starts to moan, do you ask him if he's alright or do you pack your kids up and run out?

    McDonald's has suspended a trial providing Net access in its restaurants after customers complained that they couldn't stomach porn with their burgers.
    You know they are trying every way to put their slogan to work, but in this case only the perverts are smiling as the rest of us our losing our stomache.

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    my very first job was at burger king in the kitchen. i was sent to another burger king in a nearby city to train while the building i was going to be working it was being finished. it was probably my second day there when we hade some strange looking man go through the line, order a whopper and sit somewhere in the dining room. well, this man proceeded to unwrap his own "whopper" and whop all over his burger in front of a booth of ladies. well, needless to say, the police were called and the man taken away, but that is one of those things that i will never forget. (much to my dismay)
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    Well, that's really kinda gross. I feel bad for the people that had to sit there and see stuff like that happeneing; especially the little kids. As for me, I'd pack up my kids (if I had any), report to the manager, and leave.
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    That's rediculous- why on earth would someone want internet access at Mc. Donalds?
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Totally off subject but did you see the new McDonalds commercial with Donald Trump?

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    I can understand why someone would want internet access at McDonalds, or any other fast-food establishment. I for one feel that at times the amount of time spent eating is time I could also be doing other things, like replying to email and updating other information. If I could do that while at a fast food joint I could kill two birds with one stone.

    I do think that McDonalds could filter their access. After all, it is a private establishment and not a public library, so people can't really complain about McDonalds infringing on freedom of speech like the library nuts did.

    Just my opinion...

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    Did the guy in Burger King who got his whopper out have cheese with his ?

    Sorry guys, sometimes i cant help myself !
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    My 6th grade music teacher, Mr. Lauderdale, told us about his first job at MacDonalds. This was back when the Big Mac Attack slogan was in full swing. A man walked in wearing an overcoat, drawn tight with a belt, on a hot summer night. The manager readied herself to call the cops. The man walks up to the counter, orders a big mac, no fries, no drink, he pays for it, and when he recieves it, he pulls it out of the bag, unwraps it, and sets it on the table top, right there at the front counter. He then reaches into his overcoat and pulls out a massive sledgehammer, then screams "BIG MAC ATTACK" and BOOM splatters it all over the place..
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    shakes his head... I should have posted this in Humor... You guys are too much!

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    whoever brought this up is reminding me of syphon valley....you should really move there if you want it that bad....but it is kind of a good idea for me cause i spend about twelve to eighteen hours a day on a cpu and don't have time to leave and go there...so i order a pizza, but if i could get access from there i would probably eat there instead of pizza and pop tarts..well..as long as i have my own tools ...thats all i have to say comment if you want

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