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Thread: gotta love microsoft

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    gotta love microsoft

    Apple has spent millions on its ads designed to get Windows users to jump ship and switch to Apple computers. The campaign must be working -- Microsoft apparently liked the concept so much that it used it in its own ad, "Confessions of a Mac to PC convert." The ad was posted to Microsoft's Web site last week, but the company pulled it after a media inquiry found the ad was not based on real facts. The ad featured what appeared to be a ex-Apple user who said the Microsoft Windows XP operating system changed her "whole computing world around." Turns out the woman was actually from a marketing company Microsoft hired to create the switch ad. Microsoft said it regretted the error.
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    Once again Microsoft has showed us all how they innovate!

    lol (just a joke guys)

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    You know the sweetest part of this whole thing? The press used a well-known security flaw in Microsoft Word documents to track the woman down. If you look at the cached Google version of the ad, you'll see that they posted her testimonial at the bottom of the page in Word format, which contained her hidden name, company, and registration information that the press used to track her down.

    Tragic irony, or poetic justice? You tell me.......

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    Wow, I figured they mighta payed someone to say something like that, but using one of their own employee's?! They have, IMO, stouped to a new low, and by having a member of the company say it is just very pathetic if you ask me.
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    heh, that's not the only ad that microsoft has pulled because of being inaccurate.

    check this link out


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    There could be no other conclusion then to proclaim the pure brilliance of Microsoft when they can discover a 12 year old who is more articulate than I.

    (Beams the radiation of sarcasm to all those reading this post)
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