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Thread: Bad things about JP

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    Bad things about JP

    I've been hearing alot about JP and the rumour that he made up some story to cover up a DoS attack.

    I'd just like to say that JP has done alot. Even if he did make up some story, I wouldn't blame him.

    First of all it is good to never openly admit things like that because the attacker will eventually hear of it and this will give 'em great pleasure.... its more fun to give them bad feelings Personally I don't see what JP has to do with AP gangups and peaple flooding threads with flame.

    He made this great site & he puts up with alot of bullcrap yet this is how he is repayed? All of these other sites did nothing but post wares and talked about JP behind his back for years and now he's a bad guy?

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    tty0 or ac1dsp3ctrum as he was once called got banned for some antipoint bull **** and has a bone to pick with jp. Itís sad when senior members go off the deep end.
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    From what I've seen in my time here, and I'm not kissing up , is that JP is a highly intelluctual individual. I think he has done great things for our industry and has a great company going for him and him and his family ought to be proud. I hope JP reads this because to JP I say this: Don't let a stupid little ***** make you upset or get you down, we all know it's just blatant lies by him and we know that tty0 isn't much a contributing member. I hope you didn't "sweat" this message and that everything is okay.

    Like I've said, I definitely think JP has done alot and I'm sure he's not about to let some formerly banned member ( 5 times I saw as well ) get to him.
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    Personnally, I don't think we should point fingers....we can't really prove who said what, because people can crack systems all the time. JP is an awesome guy...look what he created! tty0 or whatever may be guilty, but I don't think he did anything. Some people are destructive, but I doubt one of our own would pull a stunt like that, even if they did get banned.
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    Personally I like JP
    If I was a bad guy, I could Flood
    the daylites out of JP's servers
    I do not think he has a T3 to play with...
    Many members here have big pipes to the net and
    most would be horridfied if any of these members
    used it to take JP out or knock him off the net.

    If I had the chance, one of these days to stop in to the
    Antionline Offices and shake his Hand for his hard work,
    I will....

    Keep up the Good Work JP!
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    JP is a pretty cool cat, coming from someone who had the honor of meeting him personally.
    he runs a successful .com business which is pretty hard to do in this day and age. he knows what he is doing and why and that is all we really need to know.
    i took a look at attrition's site and yeah, they bad mouth JP a lot.
    it almost seems they have nothing better to do. most is unsubstantiated with flawed links and quotes from years ago.
    from what i understand, there was an incident that i will keep to myself (dont know if i have the right to repeat) that attrition members have cause to be pissed at JP, but again, it has nothing to do with this site and thats all we need to know.
    i kinda feel sorry for ac1dsp3ctrum, since at one point in time (when i joined the community) he really was respected and he does have a decent knowledge base.
    now he posts lamer posts to persuade people that shouldnt even be involved.
    well, thats my 2Ę
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    Whenever someone does something that makes others jealous there is always sour grapes. Some people have to knock others down to bring themselves up. I see this everyday.

    I personally don't think JP was bothered by the rumours, he has better things to do with his time than deal with petty jealousy.

    It's a matter of self confidence, those that knock other's accomplishments have no self confidence and those that have the accomplishments are self confident. Simple as that.

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