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Thread: The real BITCH exposed

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    The real BITCH exposed

    By now most of you have seen the flood of 'JP is a bitch' threads and no doubt are wondering what's going on. I'm going to try to give you newbies a simple explaination and leave you to judge for yourselves.

    In the above mentioned threads, ttyo made some serious allegations aimed at JP. I've tried following the links in that thread and the bulk of them are dead-ends, one of them even leads to some cheap harlots live webcam site. Not very good backup for the allegations he made to be sure. So lets look at the source instead.

    Tyyo was once a respected member of AO named ac1dsp3trum...you'll notice that he is a top ten AP earner. He made a lot of contributions to the community and was appreciated for them. Then ac1dsp3trum decided to start abusing the AP system by forming 'alliances' with other members as a means of banning people he did not like. He was pulling, as JP put it, "kiddie ****', and he got banned for it. He then took on a string of new identities, all of which have been banned. These include, but are not limited to, ac1d, Alex, phreak18, frumpy, and tyyo. He has used each of these IDs to make abusive posts (one ID was supposedly a female, who accused this member of being a pedophile) and to attempt to bash and smear JP, the man who banned him initially. In short, Alex gets his kicks by causing trouble.

    What this all boils down to is that we have a 16 year old banned (many times over) member who is acting less than half his age trying to stir up more trouble because he gets a kick out of it. Most of the people who agree with him are members who have been banned in the past...are we seeing a pattern here? So judge for yourselves on this one...I choose to ignore what the child has said based on what I seen in the past. I seriously hope that Alex will figure out that what he is doing is lame and try to start being an adult instead of behaving like a child.

    And I have to ask this one question. If you knew that you were not wanted somewhere, why on earth would you even go back there in the first place?
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    If you knew that you were not wanted somewhere, why on earth would you even go back there in the first place?
    the thing i don't understand is not only is he not wanted (well he would be if he started acting like the old ac1d) but he keeps saying how much he hates this place and JP so why come back???

    if people don't like pizza they don't visit pizza hut - same princaple
    hopefully like most of the other "xxxxx is a bitch" type posts these will be deleted and forgotten sooner rather than later!


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    He hates AO but he keeps coming back. He gets his kicks from whatever responses he gets to his c**p. I can't think of any other reason for being someplace he says he hates.

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    Me thinks everyone has had enough of this (no offense to you Allen), what was started with a load of shitty threads(all being the same), will end up in the same. Who cares what some lamer thinks, that it needs to be clarified to new people to the site. I dont know JP, but I know enough of him from what he's put into this site. And if people cant see that, then tough.
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    I will say for one that, after seeing this happen at least twice, it is nice to get a little background information and I appreciate that he did it. For those that don't care or already know what is going on they could simply disregard the information and for those that do care and wonder what is going on, for example me, it is nice to at least get a little information on what would inspire such silly lame things like this.

    So I for one would like to say thank you to Allen.

    On another note, midly related to this, it would be nice, IMHO, if before new posts are submitted they were checked against same author/subject/content to at least keep the threads down should some other person decide to do this (or even the people that tend to double post).

    Dunno, just my 2 cents for what its worth,

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    About the vBulletin thing, I noticed it and commented before, but I'm not incredibly concerned. As callous as it may seem, it's not my problem. As for the explot code copyright... erm... I find it vaguely humerous that, of all things, exploit code should be marked for restricted publishing? I thought the point of publishing it was to prod the companies into fixing it.

    Also, I'm not about to go into it given that from what I've already read before this. The conflict is too deep seated and long-reaching for it to be easy to figure out who said what about who when and why and whether it was right according to who said that what...
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    No offense taken, Mahakaal. The primary reason I even wrote this is because of the high volume of new members we experience here. I have no doubt that those who have been here less than a month for the most part are sitting there shaking their heads and saying WTF is this about?? I merely wanted them to understand a situation that most of us are sick of, and took it upon myself to provide an explanation of what motivated a member to say what he said. As I said in an earlier thread...I am neither condemning or condoning any actions that JP may or may not have taken...and I am happy with AO regardless.

    As Callous as it may seem, it's not my problem.
    Well said Terr, well said. I just want to see AO get beyond this crap and be the site we all know it can be. 'Nuff said
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    About the vBulletin thing, I noticed it and commented before
    Yes, but let's suggest for a momement that every accusation that has been made is true. Even if this were the case :
    1...Most members (in which I include myself) couldn't care less
    2...It would still be a private issue with no place on these boards (unless JP wishes to set the record straight with a thread of his own)
    3...It would not excuse multiple or offensive postings
    4...Such rumours are not going to stop anyone coming to AO
    5...Posting such rumours make you look like a childish arse

    Given the above it strikes me as strange that someone would waste a perfectly good alias to achieve nothing more than making themselves look an arse (whatever the rights and wrongs of the matter).

    I think the mistake that is being made here is that the strength of AO is in some way interconnected to the personal reputation of JP. But in reality this is a commuity of which JP is just one member. Ok the founding member, but still just one member. We all contribute to that commuity in the hope that it becomes more than the sum of its parts. AO will survive because of that fact with or without the contribution of one person - regardless of whether that person was once a well known figure at AO or not. Sorry - that's just the way community works. It can't revelove around 1 person, regardless of how important you thought your contribution (or that of your AP cartel) was.
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    I hope that people realize that the tty0 person was an ******* and was trying to smear JP. JP is a very smart individual and he created this site! I mean really, this is the largest Security Information website I've been to. Look at the registered users! JP has single-handedly created this site and look at how big it has become.
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    bah fellas, just leave it alone, we all new better than to even read most of it. even if it was true who cares? as long as i get a good forum to be membered at, and an irc server where i know alot of the people there and talk to daily, i could care less about the owner's private life.

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