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    Sans Cva

    Sans has open enrollment in the CVA list until Sunday...
    A few months ago, seventeen large organizations came together to
    provide more timely and authoritative action information for people who
    have to respond to new security vulnerabilities and new attacks. Every
    Monday morning, the Critical Vulnerability Analysis (CVA) prioritizes
    and summarizes the new vulnerabilities and automated attacks discovered
    the previous week, and describes the actions taken by security
    and systems managers at the large organizations (that are members
    of the Council) to protect their computers and networks from the
    automated attacks and from exploits of the reported vulnerabilities.
    In general the CVA reduces the number of vulnerabilities you need to
    consider by more than 80% and it does the research for you on what
    remediation actions make sense.

    The CVA is SANS most sought after digest, in part because its
    mailing list is the one we use for Flash Alerts when the Internet
    Storm Center or the FBI uncovers major attacks.
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    Great piece of information.
    I have briefly read about this earlier, but due to a heavy workload have I overlooked it and put it away. Thanks Soul to bring me back on track again .

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    Thanks, I just signed my self (and a coworker) up..

    They directly sent me their newsletter..
    Great resource for usefull information..
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    Thumbs up

    very good informaion

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