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Thread: I seriously need help! What to do

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    Question I seriously need help! What to do

    Hello Antionline, I am having some serious trouble trying to install a internal CD-R/RW into my computer. Not the actual hardware just the cables, jumpers what ever there called. I have a Compaq MODEL NUMBER 7360 The product is a CD-R Sony 40X | CD-RW 12X | CD-ROM 48X model CRX195A1. Heres the thing I accidently took off the jumpers to the Motherboard with out looking what goes where(very stupid) and now I'm stuck. Also, I dont know what goes where (jumpers, cables things) that is I keep getting "Operating System not found",! When the cd-rom drive cable(jumper) is not plugged in the motherboard I get the message "operating system not found" but, when I put the ide cable thats hooked up to the cd burner and my hard drive to the motherboard I can get the operating system to load but when it gets to the desktop it will just freeze up. I see like 4 cable things that are not even hooked up and its confusing me. I been messing with this thing for 6 hours before I made this post so please help. If your LMAO I understand completely.

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    make sure the red line on the IDE cable is oriented at pin1 on the motherboard (shoudl be marked)
    IDE1 should go to your hard drive.
    cd-rom can be attached to IDE1 or IDE2
    make sure you properly seat your power cables
    did you remove the jumper from the hard drive or cd-rom? (little rectangular piece on back of peripheral)
    do you have multiple hard drives or cd-roms?
    where are you booting from?
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