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Thread: NT Serv & 2K Workstations

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    NT Serv & 2K Workstations

    I had a question brought to me in regards to a time difference between an NT Server and some 2K workstations and their audit logs. I guess the server is showing different times in the logs than the 2k workstations. I thought this could be caused by AM/PM difference, or maybe the time zone setting or maybe one has daylight savings and the other does not. However, the ensure me it is not a time issue. Does anyone have an idea of what it could be?

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    i have noticed that some machines keep different time than others.
    could be a bad RTC on the motherboard.
    i have a system at home that loses a half hour every day. go fig.
    runs perfectly fine.
    i suggest figuring out the difference between what the systems are saying and keeping it filed somewhere. that way you can prove that attack or whatever happened at such and such a time, but it says this time.
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    Here is an article that discusses how W2K gets it's time from the network


    Here is a more detailed description of the reg settings

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