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Thread: Linux Hacking

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    Linux Hacking

    how do hackers hack with linux??

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    This is kind of a large subject. Its not something that can be answered in one short post. Do you have a specific question about Linux? AO has a great tutorial section that can help you learn more about security and linux. You may also want to pick up Hacking Linux Exposed for a good overview of information on linux.

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    Well, You heard that hackers work with linux more that windows and you are trying to ask "how can I hack? ". This is your final question, isn't it?

    Ok, if you want to know how to hack, then go to www.google.com and type "how to hack" and press enter.
    And if you want to know what hackers do with linux, Then I'll tell you that they first learn it well and try to make it better, thats all.

    BTW, don't forget to search!

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    I hope you mean "HACK" as in writeing programs as a hobby.

    Unlike Windows or MAC Linux is a flexable and very customizable OS. Once you have lunix it begs you to toy with it. And aside from being a nice toy, its a really good OS to have around if you're running Networks/Servers.

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    I am going to assume that you have good intentions while asking this question as this site is an Anti-Cracker site. There is definitely much to learn, however. The key to this is reading and more reading. Oh, and build yourself a few boxes to play with - that's the best way to learn: break it, fix it, and break it again! Also, before posting here again, read the FAQ on the Home Page, as well as read throught the forums to look at the content and purpose of the forums. It will help you a lot in the long run so that your stay here is a pleasant one. If you look at the description of this forum, you will find that it is for Site-related topics. Take care.

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