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    AP'ointless Forum

    I'm going to cut to the chase. I'm kind of sick of posting, and worrying about being negged or whatever for stating a true opinion. It might have the same effect on other's and I think it can cause a lack of opinions and other forms of post's on the site. I might be negged for this, but personally, I can care less. My suggestion is this, To have an entire forum devoted to nothing but Posting, without antipoints or anything, Just flat posting. I was thinking that instead of AntiPoints to get people out, that anyone can come into the forum, but a certain moderator be authorized to watch over it. If a user become's unruly or disturbing, the moderator has the authority to "ban" that user JUST from that forum. I really have thought about this idea, and I just hope that it can be implemented. For those who aren't quick btw, I'm basically asking for an AntiPoint Less Forum. Thank you and I hope my suggestion becomes a reality.

    Umm, sorry, the title should read AntiPointless Forum, not thread. I'm not sure how to change that, so I'm sorry.
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    Spyder i admire your courage, and i know that by agreeing with you i'll probably be bombarded by negs (which I really don't need right now bkoz of how many negs I've already recieved for doing the same thing *stating opinions*. But regardless it really needs to be addressed, and in my personal opinion the SOME of the senior members abuse the privelege they've gained. The way some of them act on here reminds me of the way the rich and famous act in America today, if they're rich and powerful, it doesn't matter how unjust it may be, if they don't like it they'll punish you for doing whatever it was you did. Maybe you've got a difference of opinion in religion, politics, etc. Even if the rest of the community agrees with you, you'll still get negged and possibly banned for doing it. I know i'm going to get neg after neg for stating this, possibly banned which I certainly don't want to happen but this needs to be addressed. Spyder, you've got my respect 4 daring to speak up to it, you're risking gettin' banned for being honest and i give you props for it.

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    hi, first you should always be able to speak your opinion i think, but if someone wanted to assign you negatives couldnt they circumvent this by going to one of your previous posts and doing it there, it would really be that easy.
    but you are right about you should be able to speak your opinions even if they are unpopular.
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    Spyder this has been suggested before, and there are no forums that AO will have that will not allow APs to be given out. And like Ooze pointed out, there's nothing to stop someone who doesnt agree with you, from negging another one of your posts. The system has a way of balancing itself out. If someone's been negged unfairly(or given greenies for no reason), someone will come along and help to even things out.
    Take care .

    EDIT: If you believe in something strongly enough, you shouldn't worry about AP's. Remember to follow your opinion up with a good argument though.
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    I agree with Mahakaal on this one. If you..... WTF! Just stop whining about the ****ing AntiPoints. JP wil definatly NOT remove/limit the AntiPoint system. They are only some dots. Go on with your lives.

    EDIT>> You can neg this post for the purpose of killing this thread. Like people should do with all those ****in AP threads.

    Greetz & Respect.

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