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Thread: more ms bullsh*t

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    more ms bullsh*t

    I know this is kind of an old issue here, but i found this in my mailbox tonight (dated 10/16) and need to vent a little.

    Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-060: Flaw in Windows XP Help and Support Center Could Enable File Deletion (Q328940)

    Title: Flaw in Windows XP Help and Support Center Could Enable
    File Deletion (Q328940)
    Date: 16 October 2002
    Software: Microsoft Windows XP
    Impact: Delete files on the user's system
    Max Risk: Moderate
    Bulletin: MS02-060

    DID YOU catch thAT, "Max Risk: Moderate" this flaw can delete everthing in the windows directory or anything else for that matter and they have the nerve to say the risk is moderate !?! Who in hell do they think their sending these bullitens too?

    Hes the best part:

    A security vulnerability is present in the Windows XP version of Help
    and Support Center, and results because a file intended only for use
    by the system is instead available for use by any web page. The
    purpose of the file is to enable anonymous upload of hardware
    information, with the user's permission, so that Microsoft can
    evaluate which devices users are not currently finding device drivers
    for. This information is then used to work with hardware vendors and
    device teams to improve the quality and quantity of drivers available
    in Windows. By design, after attempting to upload an XML file
    containing the hardware information, the system deletes it.

    This gaping hole is caused by MS-SPYWARE! They can say anything they want to cover up their theiving asses, its still the same kind of lines doubleclick uses.

    You might wonder why i call them theives (like everybody dosn't). if im paying for an internet connection and they take it upon themselves to use the service that i pay for to conduct their business on, thats called theft of services.
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    Microsoft has been spreading disinformation for years and I think that the only reason why it is even still in existence is because few computer users understand the severity of Microsoft's programming flaws. Microsoft has created Operating Systems and Programs which deal with the most sensitive information in existence yet its history has shown that they take on this responsibility with the same amount of integrity as Arthur Anderson did with the accounting business. Windows has to be one of the most ridiculous operating systems devised with its complete lack of efficiency and tendency to crash(at least for me anyway). My only hope is that the open source community lives up to its potential and takes away the business of operating systems and the core portions of computing and puts it into the hands of the masses where it belongs. In my mind this would be a very crucial portion of the computer revolution, a continuation of decentralization so that no one organization or business controls what is operating on someones desktop or the net.

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    what i would call an oldie but goodie in a sense
    showed this 'sploit to the people on my network im a part of, we all have XP pro, showed them this and they were rather shocked, server has xp, everyone has xp and i thought that XP was one of ms's better attemps at an o/s?

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