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    I wanted to advice newbies not to install subseven clients on their PCs, not because it is only for sick lamers who only want to control other's PCs without effort or learning how to hack but because it also hurts your PC, recently I installed sub72.2 to see what features does it have, i had a little look at it and when i shut it down,an illegal operation error messagr appeared followed by a series of error messages of different kinds, and this closed most of my running programs like the protection program and the anti trojan program, I had some hard time trying to remove it and after a couple of wrong rebooting and error messages I succesfuly removed it but my PC still suffer from it till now, in general, trojans should not be used at all but if u want to, u better choose a trojan which would be small and not extremely powerful like Sub7, I admit mobman did some good work but its very strong which mighthurt your PC

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    Aside from the fact that your right, it is for lame script kiddies, I believe installing the client also install's the server onto your computer. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. Ironic though, isn't it? That the server is embedded into the client. Anyways, I guess that's a bigger lesson for downloading it (and this is to anyone who downloads it, not just you).
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