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Thread: Antipoints...getting out of control?

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    Question Antipoints...getting out of control?

    I wake up, check my email, and hop on AO. I check my antipoints and find that many people throw a bunch of negatives at me, for really stupid reasons. One because he/she didn't like the thread I posted on. Another because I tend to use the glow purple meta tags. Someone else because I need to
    sort that ****ing handle out
    . These are just a few examples. If you can't view the purle glow meta tags, don't blame me! If you don't like a thread, don't go around giving people that posted to the thread negative antipoints! That's just ignorant and ridiculously stupid. "Because I don't like this thread, I'm going to not like you. " Let's get real here, people. Let people have their opinions. If you don't agree, let them know, but don't give them negative antipoints for it! Some people don't have the courage to speak up in everyday face-to-face discussions and when people bash them online, it just gets harder for them in life, as well as online. I think this is really getting out of control. If you feel you need to bash me for my opinions, so be it. I just hope that if oyu're bashed about your opinions, you'll remember this thread and thinktwice before doing it to someone else.

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    Truhfully, the whole AP thing is been way over blown. Does it matter if you were given negs? I seriously should think it wouldn't, but maybe for you it does. We have seen countless threads similar to this that have all accrued many more negs than the original poster would have intended. If you feel that the AP system is being abused, then report it by way of the Private Messages to JP. Your concerns will then be acknowledged if not addressed.
    My recommendation is that you remove this post as it's effect will not be positive.

    Regards, and good luck.
    \"I believe that you can reach the point where there is no longer any difference between developing the habit of pretending to believe and developing the habit of believing.\"

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