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Thread: Win2kpro Eval copy build 2195 due to Expire!!

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    Win2kpro Eval copy build 2195 due to Expire!!

    Hi.. I've inherited a machine with Win2kpro Evaluation Copy Build 2195 on it and apparently it is due to expire shortly - at the end of 120 days or something.

    I vaguely remember seeing something about this in a forum somewhere, onetime, but I can't find it again. I think there was a fairly simple way to keep the thing running...

    If anyone knows I'd like to know... regards.... abrogard.

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    There is a very easy way to keep all of your settings and anything else on the hard drive and keep it going. All you have to do is insert the copy of Windows 2000 that you have paid for, and do an upgrade, just had to do it over at work here. If you are asking if there is a way to get round this without paying for it then that would be illegal me thinks

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