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    Login Suggestion

    Just a suggestion. Whenever i login at home, i like to be able to browse the forums without signing in constantly. Well thats fixed by the member options of browsing with cookies. There is only one problem to that.

    I like to get online and sign into ao whenever i can to check the boards, see whats going on etc.. and whenever i login at a public computer, i realize "Hey, im browsing with cookies, im also on a computer that wont let me delete cookies because its a school computer and locked those functions" Well me being a bit nervous doesnt want someone clicking on the link to AO in the Browser bar and logging in with my name, checking out my personal stuff, i.e. points, private messages, posting lude messages making it look like i was saying it.

    Anyway the suggestion is, instead of us having to go through member options and all this jazz on a public computer, why not have something underneath our name/passwd bar that says "I am using a public computer" and you can click that button which automatically turns cookie browsing off, regardless of if you had it on previous for added personal security. just a thought.


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    Excellent idea. When it comes to public computers cookie theft is an often over looked security risk. Mostly because itís the user that ends up getting screwed not the organization that owns the computer.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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