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Thread: Windows cannot find .....(.exe error)

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    Question Windows cannot find .....(.exe error)

    (Windows cannot find'C:\blah\blah.exe'.make sureyou typed the name correctly, and try agin. To search for a file, click the start button, and then click Search. ) Is the error msg I get when i try to open ah .exe file after i deleted a viris that was detected by my v-scaner........Has this happen to any 1 else ?.....................Or is their any 1 that thinks they can help .......pls ....

    I have Win XP Pro......

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    So are you actually opening the file in Windows Explorer or My Computer, or are you typing in the path at Start -> Run? i.e. Are you double-clicking on a file that you can actually see?

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    With what information is provided I would say that the virus probably infected the .exe file in a manner that the v-scanner had to delete the file to remove the virus. There is also a possible that it renamed/moved the file. I donít use xp myself but I have a friend that does and I know that he can reset his computer to what was on it at a previous date. I do not know if that is a feature of xp or another program that he has on his computer. If it was me that had this issue I would first try to find the file. I had a similar error message when installing office xp and the link that was put on the desktop was pointing to the wrong file. I found the correct .exe file then went into the properties of the link and corrected it. If you cannot find the correct .exe file then re-installing the program should resolve the issue. However, you may want to backup any information with the program that you do not want to lose.

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    I clicked the program icon to try and start it............I tried to type in the program path in run...
    but it seems the only way to get ah program running is to right click on it and click Run As....
    and even that method does not work for all programs....re-installing programs dont work either .....i've tried every thing execpt re-installing Win XP Pro ............
    Someone told me that the Windows Management Insrtumentation (WMI) might be currupted ..
    Is their any way to replace this file or is it that something else is the source of my problem...
    (Thks 4 Responding)

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    Maybe it's f**ed up just reinstall XP. I think that's the easy way. And the fastest.

    Next time back up your documents and make an image of your HDD with Ghost.
    When your zyztem is screwed just install the image and copy your document backup.
    5 minutes is all u need.
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    i approve with cleanbash just re-install it

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    Hmm it fu(ked up your computer heres what i would do if you have a boot disk boot onto it (if you dont make one in another computer i wouldnt trust that virus could have done something to the boot disk too) then after its loaded it should say A:\> or something like that type C: then type setup and run through the windows install like you did when you first installed windows what that will do is maybe fix the bad exe's and dont worry your not gona lose any data it saves your setting just dont format C: before you do it and you cant do this if you dont have enough disk space to save your settings if thats the case who cares just delete and reinstall the .exe's

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