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    Tutorials Suggestion

    This sort of stemmed from seeing JoeyBatch on the Top10 Tutorial Writers list. Obviously, to remedy this problem will be quite simple: delete all the posts he made in The Tutorials Forum. But to prevent all sorts of tutorial trouble in general, how about having a group of nominated members who have proved their worth in regards to writing tutorials, and make it so that to post a tutorial you must first submit it to this group of people. They can then check: that it's not a c&p, that it's a proper tutorial, that it is of reasonable quality, and that it would be of use to AO. I think that this would prevent anyone abusing the system in the future (like JoeyBatch did), and it would also cut down on tuts which are of low quality and/or complete crap clogging the forum.

    What do you guys think of this idea?

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    A couple remarks...

    I spent about 30 minutes to delete 10-something Joey-threads. If someone decides to spam the forum with more than 20 posts, there's nothing I can do about it (I'm not gonna waste an hour clicking some buttons). Something else: deleting threads makes AO laggy... I opened ten windows to delete the threads at the same time, and I'm pretty sure surfing AO wasn't much fun for most users on that moment...(although AO cut off my connection after a while).

    Although your suggestion would prevent things like that, I think the effort to make it that way isn't worth the end-result.
    Here's how things are now: people posting copy-and-pasted tutorials without quoting the source won't get away with it, as we've seen in the past. Crappy tutorials are either deleted, or negged to death. Posts that don't belong in Tutorials are moved.
    Implementing your suggestion would save me some time, but I don't think it's worth the effort. If Joey wants to spam, he'll just do it on another forum anyways... There's plenty of forums that aren't moderated (funny enough, there rarely are spammers on those forums).

    Last thing: there's a 'report'-button

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    [quote]Crappy tutorials are either deleted, or negged to death[quote] Ah negative, if only that were true, some people will take a few tutorials and make somethnig half-assed and get away with it, either to get on the top 10 tut list, or for some positives. However, this suggestion relies too much on members that don't actually have any incentive to work. I'm not saying people here are lazy or anything, just that, if this was implemented, people might end up waiting a long time until their tutorial was posted, because the people who authorize these have a backlog of stuff.

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