I pulled this off of a mail list on Security Focus. Since my ears have perked to the topic of forensics (and several of you have showed the same interest to me), I figured this one would be good to share. This software is apparently used primarily by law enforcement to recover files. It looks interesting, and it's FREE! I downloaded it (20kb), and I will try it out when I get the chance. Try it out if you can, and let me know what you guys think about it.

The Air Force Office of Special Investigations is proud to release version 0.64 of Foremost, our linux program to recover files based on their headers and footers. Foremost can work on image files, such as those generated by dd, Safeback, Encase, etc, or directly on a drive. The headers and footers are specified by a configuration file, so you can pick and choose which headers you want to look for.

Foremost version 0.64 is available via Sourceforge at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/foremost/