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    Question Novell or Win bug?

    Hey folks, a newbie here. I was looking around and didn't see any Novell forums on the main forum menu. I am a poor school teacher who is in charge our schools network since I know how to turn a computer on. I've managed to save the big dogs a few trips here and there. Was wondering if anyone has seen this problem:

    A user logs in to do work (netware5.5), lets say our bookkeeper. (to show the possible security problem). Our bookkeeper updates a spreed sheet every day showing school and county funds. Our bookkeeper is smart so she creates a shortcut on the desktop for the file, which is saved in her home directory, for easy access. Of course the shortcut is still on the desktop when I or anyone logs onto her box. I click the shortcut and get what I am should, a error message saying I don't have rights to access that file or it is unavalible. Close message and click again.....Magic, there's the file. And guess what else, her home directory is now mapped in My Computer.

    Anyone know why, or how to fix?


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    Interesting .

    I have to verify this but first a few questions.

    1.0 What kind of access to you have to her home directory?
    1.1 Can you create a new file in her home directory ?
    1.2 Can you read all files (and directorys) ?
    1.3 Can you change any file (modify the spreadsheet) ?

    2.0 What version of novell client do you use ?
    2.1 What version of windows do you use (and service pack level) ?
    2.2 Have you verified this with different users, she may have given access privilegies to the account you have done this with.

    What kind of access control do you have on her home directory ? If this above is possible then Its most likely bad design (sorry) in the admins way to put up the access control to the users home directories.


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    Sounds like a design problem with Novell. If you don't have much experience with Novell beyond the client side then you might to call the big dogs or who ever is in charge on fixing the network with things go bad. If you feel like doing things your self I find that checking the effective rights on the file or directory in question is always a good starting point.
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