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Thread: just in case

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    just in case

    just in case u needed anymore proof that its not jps mum doing the rounds on the board atm

    notice the low uid and if you actually go into the profile notice the custum title so i belive that is really jps mummy

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    If you look at "JP's mommy" profile, the answer should be pretty self evident. The occupation speaks volumes. http://www.antionline.com/member.php...&userid=117244

    As noted, the uid for mom is low. The Biography seems realistic. When making the comparison, as brief as it may be, the answer is blatantly obvious. This impostor should be taken with a grain of salt.

    I can't believe the bozos post had acquired as much attention as it did. I'm impressed and appalled all at the same time. The impostor got the reaction I'm sure they were looking for.
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    Yeah, and it's sad that someone was stupid enough and lame enough to pull something so dumb and kiddie like. Anyways, rioter, thanks for posting that link, I never knew JP's actual mom was a member here. Thx again!
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    yeah that profile was alot different earlier, it must have been someone else messing with her.

    ill attach a screeny of it, this is how it was earlier which led me to believe it was someone else.

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    I agree, how could someone do such a thing...imposter the mother of the creator of this site. It's terrible...What'll be next someone claiming to be JP?
    I mean come on. When I say the first post by the imposter I thought...this person's a joke... then I listenined to the song the they put up...
    THEN I read the profile...this person can't be very smart... Just my 0.02$
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    Hi, I have reason to believe that the username "JP's mommy" is Joey Batch. I downloaded the attachment from the JP singing thread and played it, and it was the exact attachment which he used from this previous thread he had which got him banned.
    And if you look at the "Who downloaded this attachment" link, the impostor's username
    "JP's mommy" can be seen. Of course, he has to download it again so it can be redownloaded by the thread subscribers on this thread

    The file was nedcameltoe.zip if you look at Joey Batch's profile. He used the exact file but renamed it to something else in the
    JP's secret thread. I usually dont get involve in this things but this has to be stopped.
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