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Thread: . BAT icon change?

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    . BAT icon change?

    whats up,
    is it possible to change the icon of a .bat file. Using windows 2000 or Windows xp.Without changing it from . bat extension?

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    The best you can do is creating a link or shortcut and change its icon. The other option is to change the icon associated with .bat files but this would change it for every bat file. The problem with that is that the icon is only changed if the .bat file stay on that computer. .bat files are just text files that are interpreted by the OS much like how a web browser interprets a web page. When you name a file with the .bat extension the OS discards and icon information that might be contained in the file. (Note if it did contain an icon it would no longer be a text file). For example if you were to rename notepad.exe to notepad.bat you would notice that it is changed to the default .bat icon even though it contains an icon.
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