Okay, seriously, I don't think this post should be here, but I cannot find another section to match the problem.

Whenever I boot up WindowsXP, after I get past the login screen, the desktop appears, and the little services start running, etc etc. Here the problem. There's this annoyingly long pause during which I cannot run any appz, or anything.. sure, when I click 'Start', the menu appears, and right-clicking in the desktop area brings up the menu, but I can't do anything with the menus.

After about, 50-70 seconds, a windows explorer window pops up, the link is E:\Windows\something (don't remember what). After this thing appears, everything runs smoothly. How exactly do I get rid of this window opening everytime I boot, and what else is the problem. Why the pause? If this isn't enough info, please let me know... I'll provide whatever I can.

Oh, and in the second login I've created ( User ) for XP, the same problem occurs. I've checked the startup.ini, and tinkered a bit with msconfig, but came up with nothing. Maybe thats cos I don't really know what I'm looking for. Help me out people.