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    Post Connecting to a remote sys with a modem.

    /* Connecting to a remote machine with a modem. */
    /* ************************************ */
    /* Coded by BlackMask */
    /* Sat Oct 19 01:54:22 IST 2002 */

    Hello friends this is a small tutorial, for newbies, on setting up a connection to a remote
    system using a modem and without any internet connection. You will be wondering
    why you need to connect to a remote machine. Think about the time when your friend
    had some mp3's that you badly needed and you had to download the whole thing.
    By connecting to your friends machine you will be able to share your mp3's and
    other files. This is for M$ Win 98 OS. Suggestions are welcome and hope you will
    like it.

    Tools required: Modem on both systems connected to telephone line.You also
    require a backup of win 98 or the installation cd.

    So lets get started.Inorder to connect to a system it should have Dial-up Server set
    up on it and Dial-up Networking on the other.Usually dial-up networking is installed
    along with the installation of the Win 98.You can verify this by going to Communications
    menu in the Accessories.So now we have to install the server.Go to Settings > Control
    panel > Add or Remove Programs > Windows Setup.Select Communications and click Details.Now from the list check the option Dial-Up Server.Ckick Ok.Insert the CD on
    prompt(if you installed from the HDD then it will automatically install it).Now go to Communications > Dial-Up Networking.Click the connections menu and check Allow
    Caller Access. Now the only thing left is TCP/IP configuration.(I will be writing a somewhat
    detailed tutorial on TCP/IP soon. I am working on it. So do check it out when i post it to
    know what this stuff it.) . So open Control Panel > Network select TCP/IP -> Dial -Up Adapter > Properties. Check 'Specify an IP address' and enter the IP address and a Subnet Mask ( Then Ok.The server configuration is over.

    Next we have to configure the client.Go to Communications in Accessories and open
    Dial-Up Networking. Now create a new connection by giving the phone number of the
    machine you want to connect( the machine in which the server is setup). Now right click
    on the new connection and click Server Types. Disable Log on to network. Select the
    TCP/IP settings and then Specify An IP Address and give one.Viola double click on the connection and you are there...

    Inorder to share the files and folders over the network you need to enable File and
    Printer Sharing.For this go to Control Panel > Network > click File and Printer Sharing,
    select the appropriate choice.

    To view the machine connected open Network Neighbourhood.

    A good option to control the server is by using VNC. Just setup the VNC server on
    server machine and VNC viewer on the other.VNC can be downloaded at http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc. For any help just PM me.


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    Nice Tut

    Ha Ha

    I really enjoyed it ..

    Actually does the client machine be a part of Domain or is it a member of workgroup??

    Does the other machine (acting server) can get files from the dialed one if it also shares its resources.. ??
    Is there any checking of user name and password on any machines..???
    plz reply

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    >Does the other machine (acting server) can get files from the dialed one if it also shares its >resources.. ??

    It should work or else you will have to go the other way round.Make the existing client the server and client to server.

    If u wanna chat during your session then u can use any lan chat pgm like the one at www.conware.com (IC3).

    You can give a passwd on dial-up.No other thing is possible.U can setup a passwd in VNC.

    Its a member of workgroup.

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    Interesting tutorial, and definitely good for newbies to many different subjects. Nice job!
    Space For Rent.. =]

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