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Thread: registering windows xp

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    Question registering windows xp

    My grandmother has Windows XP on her computer. I put it on mine. It is giving me 30 days to register and activate it. My father, grandmother, and myself run a small home network connected through a router/cable modem. I don't have enough money to buy xp myself, but I really want to keep the operating system. Please give me help on what I can do. Thank you.

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    I don't have XP so cannot say for sure but here is my opinion based on what my neighbor experienced: You can only run XP (and probably some other OS's) for 30 days without registering it with MS. This is their way of trying to prevent multiple uses of a single-user payment. The first person to register the OS will have a code number installed which turns off the temp-use clock and runs the OS from that point. If the first user has to reload for some reason, they have to re-phone MS for another code number. If a second person tries to register by auto-dial the MS verifier will refuse the connection.
    If you don't have the money to buy XP, then use something else that you can afford. You can download Linux for nothing, and you can probably buy a second-hand copy of most OS's for very little $ from people who have gone on to something else.
    Think of it this way; if you could buy just one copy of XP or anything else and propagate it forever, where would the money come from to have the authors build the next program so we could buy it?

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    The legal way:
    Buy an extra licenses
    from Microsoft.

    The not so legal way:
    Find a copy of windows xp corporate witch doesnít require activation. *cough Kazaa *cough.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    Do a search of the net. I can appreciate your situation, but can't condone what you're trying to do. Ways are available, or were available, on the net. Whether they're safe or not is a flip of the coin.

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    warp 82 go with windows xp corporate which does not need an activation code and does not call home to microserf.pm me or send me an email and i will help u find a copy.
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