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Thread: Socially Conscious Investors Seek Changes

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    Socially Conscious Investors Seek Changes

    I know many here are young but it in youth that good things may come. But no matter where you are in life at some point age, time and events all catch up. These matters will one day affect your life can be good or bad. It also plays a direct relation to the web this wonderful new tool we have that is all to often exploited just as may other resources have been in the past for personal gain, what hack a system for a quick buck or sell software full of holes you name it. There is however another side to the world and it need not prevent people from their jobs, nor call a mass of people in the streets. For any corp or company to support it's own being one needs stuff called money. So check out this small bit of news, funny thing is the children of the 60's that came of age never lost their social wish, we just play by different rules
    . Nope I neither endorse nor reject this just a point to ponder in life is all http://money.excite.com/ht/nw/bus/20...20179339.html. Foot Note is work a life time will it give you your nest or will it be a con?

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    Palemoon, your link leads to a page not fond error page with a link back to the exite money page.
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    Tedob1, this might be the link he meant; it's a bunch of self-described "socially conscious" 'gooders trying to get asset managers to boycott any company that makes or is affiliated with booze, tobacco products, or guns. There goes most of my fun, next thing they'll be after is a ban on nookie. Sounds about par for Colorado.

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    The link is correct except that it has a period after "...html."
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    T.O.M. It looks like the investment companies are exactly what you mentioned, however the point of the story isn't. It basically mentions that one of the socially conscious companies was ENRON. So these investors now want more open information about companies they will invest in. I guess Enron showed that you don't have to sell guns, tobacco, or cut down trees to be a crooks.

    Since none of the tobacco, booze, or gun companies are in trouble I think I will invest in them. Let's face it if Remington did what ENRON did they would be facing angry gun owners instead of upset environmentalists. And Jack Daniels would face a crowd of hung over red necks. Better reasons for being clean than the new laws in Congress. So I know where to invest my money
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