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    Just to throw my 2 cents in:

    Sub7 is the illegal form of a RAT (Remote Administrative Tool) and nothing more. Some features added such as cached pw recovery and key logging make it seem more like a trojan, which it's not. Sub7 does not send out anything unless the controller of the interface asks it to do so.

    Nothing more then a remote controll for you PC (although more usefull to those wishing to cause harm)
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    I'm going to have to disagree with you cross sub7 is not illegal. It can be used to do illegal things but simply having the client on your computer doesn’t break any laws.
    Its not software piracy. I’m just making multiple off site backups.

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    That's very true, and if you want a Remote Administration tool that the purpose isn't to cause harm or to be lame, search for Remote Administrator. It is a pretty good way to keep tabs on another computer on a network or another one of your computers and works similar to that of a Trojan, just not meant to cause harm or to destroy things.
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    For a anti-sub7 program, just use a anit-virus or a firewall.
    But to have some fun with the person connecting to your computer, you can use a program called sub007. This sets up a fake sub7 server, which logs the attackers IP, and can do a number of things back to him. Im struggling to find a link with more info on it because the school im posting from has alot of site restrictions. Ill post a link later.

    Its not really a RAT program for anything but fun. It could never be used in a large company, or do anything really useful. If you want a RAT thats being labeled a virus download the infamous BO2K(back orifice 2000) designed by Cult of Dead Cow (CdC).
    B02K is a really good RAT, but was used by alot of hackers because of the ease of customisation, and it being free! They could code their own plugin's for the 'trojan', making it very powerful. Alot of companies were pissed off that there was a really top notch RAT, for windows, for free. I think that is one major reason its now labeled a virus by AV's.

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    i don't think CdC would like you giving credit to 10opt for making BO, not that anybody really cares
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    Sub7, NetBus, BO2K.. etc etc.. all thesame in logic really..
    Scripts made by programmers/hackers and used by script kiddies.
    none of us here would really consider it as a legit form of hacking since any half-wit computer-literate person can run netstat, send the trojan and click-click-click away. no "RAEL" work is happenin considering its the script does the real work.

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    mupp3t & V_Ln,

    Thanks for pointing that point out, about HDK. That's what I was talking about, just in serious garble....

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