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Thread: Outlook Alternatives?

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    Question Outlook Alternatives?

    I would like to know what alternative you would suggest to Microsoft Outlook email client?

    I am looking for a client that will accept html messages but is somewhat less vulnerable to scripts then Outlook.

    I have tried Pocomail so far and just didn't like it.
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    Give Eudora a try. The best thing about it is it's free.... . You can't beat that.

    Another client a few friends use is Incredimail. I think it's a piece of crap but they seem to love it. It's also free and will handle html...

    I personally have just recently returned to Outlook. Why? Because I enjoy the challenge!

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    What about the Mozilla e-mail client? It is also capable of displaying html messages and is far more secure than outlook. The only problem is: I am not sure if one can install it indepently of the browser. On the other hand, Mozilla as browser is also a better choice than IE (concerning security issues).

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    I would recomend Eudora Scorp666... I ahev used it since '96-'97 and I love it... I have never had any problems using Eudora and like Conf1rm3d_K1ll said it is free
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    I have been using Pegasus Mail for about 5 years now and I'm very happy with it.

    The latest version displays MOST of the HTML messages and doesn't suffer of the Outlook virus infections (doesn't execute anything, EVER!).

    Pegasus homepage

    Oh, it's free, but not open-source

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    I'm a true believer in PMMail from my days as an OS/2 user..... I thought (and still think) that it's one of the best mail programs ever. Small and lightweight, yet has all the features I ever needed and then some.

    I use Evolution on Linux these days myself, but I put my parents on PMMail due to all the Outlook viruses, and we've had zero problems. And if you knew my parents, that's saying a lot.

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    My vote is also for Eudora. It should do everything you need.
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    I think mozilla email client is the best choice for you.
    Multi-account handling, html messages and some other pretty stuff to play around with.

    Give it a try
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    Outlook can be patched.
    For the easy way, I suggest downloading BigFix, subscribing to Windows website and updating what you feel needs to be updated. (and its free!)
    Otherwise, take a stroll through MS update pages and you will find what you are looking for. With the recent insurgence of virii that take advantage of html issues, re are seeing more and more patches from MS.

    recent patches that might be of interest:
    Unchecked Buffer in Windows Help Facility Could Enable Code Execution (Q323255)
    Buffer Overrun in SmartHTML Interpreter Could Allow Code Execution (Q324096)
    Flaw in Microsoft VM JDBC Classes Could Allow Code Execution (Q329077)
    Certificate Validation Flaw Could Enable Identity Spoofing (Q328145)
    Buffer Overrun in TSAC ActiveX Control Could Allow Code Execution (Q327521)
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    Eudora is really really good, I've used it for a very long time and you probably can't find better and more experienced personal e-mail client easily.

    If you want an Outlook like interface, you can try Xnews at http://xnews.newsguy.com/ (it is free)
    And if you want a more professional client, try The Bat at http://www.wska.com (not free but one of the best according to a lot of people).
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