bah...ya'll are newbies. Our school bans websites and stuff. But do I go around reverse engineering and hacking and cracking and doing stuff out of texts so outdated my mother could have read it in the third grade for a reading assignment.


Simply use Google to bypass security on your School's pcs. Google? wait...did you just hear me say Google? YES!!! I said GOOGLE -

Will I tell you what to do with it? ...Naaa... I'll leave it up to you. But, there's a real simple (yet annoying, I must admit) way to surf banned websites. *cough* Google's cache anybody? *cough*...

Just my two cents.

[P.S. - 1pizzaluvr4u, ...honestly now. You're the type of person who thinks like: "Oh well that guy got arrested for stealing from a particular bank, so next week, let me try the same bank and see if I can get away with it. For ****'s sake get some goddamned brains you idiot. Have you tried asking the guy who bypassed it in the first place? If not, then your a complete and utter loser ontop of that. Mind you,...the hardest, toughest, most insane way of doing things is NOT looked highly upon. If you can do the same thing in less steps, or eaiser...thats where the credit comes to play. Just remember that.

Jesus Christ...we're living amoungst total nuts these days...NUTS I tell you.]