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Thread: Gaim - linux messenger

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    Gaim - linux messenger

    As probably a lot of you , i use gaim now today i suddenly got an error message :-(

    "kan de aanmelding niet herstellen" ( dutch)
    "cannot restore the logon "

    when i retry a couple of time hes sais , he had a fatal error in usr/.../gaim or something like that ?

    anybody nows a trick to get bakc in business ?
    or maybe knows an other msn messenger ?

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    Just an FYI pierre: make sure you read the description for the forum before you post. This is for AO site-related questions.

    Take care.
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    Your configuration has probably become corrupted somehow. Try deleting your gaim preferences directory and see if that helps.

    rm -rf .gaim

    CAUTION: be very careful when using the rm -rf command, because if you mess up it can kill your home in the blink of an eye.
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