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Thread: UK police to use Linux...

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    UK police to use Linux...

    This is pretty cool. It looks like Linux has found another way to be useful. The way I see it, this can do nothing but help the OS gain exposure and credibility to the public.

    A pilot scheme which could see police forces throughout England and Wales switching to Linux desktops has kicked off with delivery of the first systems to the West Yorkshire force. The deployment is taking place under a contract awarded to netproject earlier this year by the UK Police IT Organisation, and if successful will cover over 60,000 desktops. In West Yorks alone the installed base is around 3,500, and a spokesman reckoned that the savings from this would be around 1 million a year.
    The rest of the article is here .

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    Sounds smart to me, after all, if each bureaucrat could save 1 million annually, hey, it could add up after while. Seriously, i can't see why any huge enterprise whether public or private would not want to explore fielding *nix. the last company i worked for updated each year to another version of Windows and/or MSOffice, and the annual tab would choke a horse. The problem was, there was nobody in the organization who was trained in *nix. IMHO, within the next few years, the "X-spurt" in *nix is going to be a very well paid professional, if (s)he can keep the company from getting it's system whacked or it's proprietary info compromised... if i were twenty years younger, i'd work my butt off to master *nix, thats for sure.

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