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Thread: Are we just AI?

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    just adding my 2 cent

    Humans and Computers/programs could be one in the same. Religion tells us of a "god" that created humans, so that whould make "god" a programmer by default. We as humans created Computers and the programs that run on them. That makes humans the programmer in that situation.

    Darwin's theroy is great it helps to explain what I am stating here. (I am personally neutral on darwin vs religion. I don't really care how or why I'm here, I'm just here) It is very hard to imagine one "super entity" that created everything, because everything has to start from something. Since everything has to start from something how was this "super entity" created. What if both are correct (god creating humans). Humans are decendant from chimps and there is a "god" that created humans as we are today.

    Humans created computers, but not the elements that are required to make them. Chimps and all other primates have beed traced through evolution to the beginning of life on this planet, us humans however have not.

    That alone tell us that there was intervention, here is where religion fills the gap.
    Religion states that "god" is a higher form of life. With that in concideration we as humans can now do small changes in the genetic makeup of plants and animals, humans are a higher form of life than animals are we not? (men, we are DEVO :-) sorry I'm a DEVO fan) Whatever altered and manipulated the primate is a higher for of life than humans.

    The bible, and I think most religions say that "god" created man in his own image. Sounds alot like cross genetics (or a recipe, take one chimp, one higher life form mix together, bake @ 350 deg, let cool. serve). If this is true everyone is praying to E.T. Now we have the "missing link" that everyone needs to prove Darwin's theory & a "god" who created us. That covers the human/computer one in the same issue. Both were created.

    What a computer needs to be use full is a program. As you all know (will I hope you know it since you all use computers) a program is a set of instuctions or a routine based on a set of rules and equasions. Amoebas lives a routine, plants have a routine, here we have 2 different life forms that don't mate they have a routine. Routines that are based on survival of the species, Programmed by the environment in which they live. Computers today are like plants and amoebas, programmed based on their environments. Unlike ameboes computers have us, we change them give them things to do, evolve them. The poor ameoba is stuck in a looping program, no need to change because their environment is pretty much stable and changes rarely forever using DOS.

    Intelegence it a very complex program, the more intelegence the stronger the processor you need. Lucky for E.T. the chimp had allready evolved some intelegence, the chimp was Windows 95 compared to the other animals running DOS and Windows3.11. Since you need more power processing for intelegence and the chimp has the minimum requirements for it. E.T. gave the chimp an upgrade, case and all from an AT form factor chimp case to an all new ATX E.T/chimp case. E.T. had a little problem there was a flaw in the intelegence program. and still decided to release the first man including the flaw. (this E.T. is starting to sound like microsoft) After alot of service packs and case revisions E.T. finally had a human. (still has flaws) E.T. allready had A.I. they took a shot at O.I. (organic intelegence) rather than starting from scratch manipulated from existing life. The final revision of human is the state of the art organic android, Self sustaining & Intelegent. Humans never forgot E.T. and formed religion, made a few changes and voila! Humans & Computers/programs one in the same. :-)

    Todays computing power is not enough for complete A.I. its still in the amoeba stage,
    Lets say there is a huge breakthrough in technology soon, biggest in history one that can increase processing power at least a billion times faster overnight. What will humans do with that much computing power? A.I. is one stage A.L. (Artificial Life) is the next step.
    We all know that its not going to happen anytime soon expecially within our life times. But with anyluck and if we don't end up blowing ourselves up in the process our grand or great grand kinds will be enjoying their A.L I'm making sure my great grand son has one with kung fu grip. :-)

    thats my 2 cents.

    Hope no one ever asks for a dollar, there in for more than they imagine :-)
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    I think the real question to ask yourself is are we really here is this really happining. And where is this here. What does it consist of. If here was right in front of you would you be able to touch it? What does it feal like? Does it have a smell. How do you know what you feal is what is real? How do you know the smell from another smell.

    The world is empty and meaningless but it is empty and meaningless that it is empty and meaningless.

    Sorry, the post just reminded me of philosiphy class and in turn it made me think like a Sophist. Sorry bout the rambling
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    Has anyone noticed that the human race is getting "smarter"?
    I don't believe basic human intelligence is improving, at least not in the leaps and bounds you suggest, merely the level of technology that humanity has mastered is increasing. This in turn allows us to teach this mastered technology to the next generation much quicker and efficiently. What you say sounds way too much like "Dune" to me.
    However I do believe the freedom of choice and adaptability, being the ability to choose what parameters affect our decisions and change these parameters for no reason or consequence are what separate us from AI.
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    Here's a great way to look at it. Who here has seen the japanime series Serial Experiment: Lain? Watch it, you'll understand what I'm trying to point out....

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