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Thread: Preventing people from posting to the wrong forum

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    Preventing people from posting to the wrong forum

    I have come across some threads that were posted in the wrong forum. It seems that a lot of people think that the forum called "Antionline: How do I? or What is?" is meant to be a place to discuss general HOWTO questions. It should be pointed out that this forum is just for Antionline-howto-related questions.
    The use of the more specified fora is encouraged instead. Or is it possible to communicate it clearer?

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    I think the descriptions of the forum are very clear. The forum heading states questions about antipoints, posting or anything else related to What could be more clear?

    The problem is that people don't necessarily read through things before posting.

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    That's very true, many people go from the main site right to posting into a subject or click right into the forum without reading the description. I think people should visit the forums page to check out the description of each forum to understand it's purpose and what should or shouldn't be posted in it.
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