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Thread: Winzip Password Protection

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    Winzip Password Protection

    Hi, to all

    I know that it's possible to crack Winzip password protection, but it's only with brute force or based in a list of words...but if it's more than 5 chars or the password contains uncommon chars like % or it's very time consuming, what i would like to know is if there's another way?
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    This product features an automatic mode that selects the recovery approach as well as the usual brute force, dictionary, plaintext and template attacks. One unique feature is the ability to spread a brute force attack across a number of PC's (which may be reason enough for purchase by itself). There is a demo, I'm not sure what the restrictions are.

    One of them is supposedly 100% effective, it is called "Zip super fast attack module" and it is $59... <cough>KAZAA<cough>
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    ya u could crack that password without brute force all u have to do to download some stuffs from websites like astalavista.com hope u will find it

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    Yeah, zip passwords are pretty much useless, just like all other passwords, there are specialized programs that will simply "TELL" you the password without even brute cracking it.

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