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Thread: Someone's Reading My Mail

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    Lightbulb Someone's Reading My Mail

    I know from offline reactions to my email that someone is reading my mail in MSN Outlook Express 6.0.

    What can a hacker do? Everything I can do, i.e., download messages from the server, read and delete them before I can look at them? Read sent and deleted messages? Or are such an intruder's powers more limited - say to reading previously opened messages sitting in my inbox?

    Would it help to delete sensitive messages all the way off my system the moment after I read or send them? Also, are there programs that specifically protect your email and trace email hackers? I run Zone Alarm Pro and Pest Patrol Pro, but I don't think either one can trace email hacks. I regularly change my password. My computer is stand alone, no network, single line dialup.

    Any ideas?

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    Actually listener, If someone wants to snoop around in accounts he or she can do all of the things you mentioned & sometimes even more than that.

    You change your password alot.... thats good but it won't do very well agianst a trojan that gives your temperary internet files to the trojan's owner.

    Your best bet for e-mail protection is changing your password into something that isn't in the dictionary. Use encriptic keys or keys from other countries if you can or if you feel paraniod, Check your ports, & make sure your firewall settings are at a nice secure level.

    Oh and it helps to have a good AV/trojan remover.

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    Well |The|Specialist your right if the intruder get into your account he can do what ever he want as if its his own property, Your using Zone alarm I t hink ZA only has an email filter, but theres to many trojan application that can generate your password as just |The|Specialist says try to change your password and use numbers, letters , and alt keys hope this help you

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    I have had this problem....get the cleaner (http://www.tauscan.com) and check the box for Trojans. I bet you're owned by one.

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    Another way I know people have compromised their friends email accounts is by using the secret question method. If you have a Hotmail account and put a secret question of 'what is my dogs name' then chances are, people who know you will also know the answer, you have been warned, do not use an easy question, or you could just not have one and not forget your password

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    Your e-mail login name and and password are vunerable to being sniffed because your
    sending this information unsecurely in plain text the hacker is able to capture this
    information. You should look into getting SSH for windows or something secure to send and recieve
    your mail. I want to add if you sign up for a webmail account never give your true
    information name telephone number it can create alot of problems identity theft etc.

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