hey found this while browsing around cisco systems is buying Psionic to strenthen its IDS i think this is a good move for them what do you think

reported by cw360.com


Cisco Systems is to strengthen its intrusion detection technology with the addition of software from Psionic Software, which it has agreed to acquire for as much as $12m in stock.

Psionic makes software that can weed out as much as 95% of the false alarms raised by IDSes (intrusion detection systems), allowing engineers to focus their efforts on real attacks.

Cisco's IDSes, available in dedicated systems as well as sensors in switches, routers and firewalls, are designed to detect and combat attacks such as malicious Internet worms and denial of service attacks.

Cisco will exchange its own stock for all the shares of Psionic. The company's eight employees will join the Cisco virtual private network and Security Services business unit. Cisco expects the acquisition to close by the end of the year.