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Thread: can someone tell me...

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    can someone tell me...

    how can i use my own custom avatar

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    Correct me if I am wrong Seniors, but I think that it is a benefit to those that are Addicts and above.
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    You should have searched the forums before posting this as quite a few people have asked this. But anyways I'm in a good mood, so I'll tell you . You need 10 posts before you can have your own avatar.


    EDIT: Rofl@t2k2. Hehe j/k
    2nd EDIT: Unleashed, the FAQ is a bit outdated when it comes to post count and custom avatars. Check this post out by GreenBird
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    After you make 45 posts or more, custom avatars become enabled for you, which allows you to upload an avatar image from your computer...

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    Nope it's defintitely after you've made 10 or more posts..... the reason I am so certain... look at my post number and then cast a quick look over to the left of my name and there you'll find invader Zim as my avatar. I was quite happy when I relaised I had received this benefit.

    Query ... might the 'lowering' of standards have something to do with the custom avatar competition thread??
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    No it has nothing to do with the custom avatar thread. It does have to do with a reality vs written. In the information section there are places that say it takes more (maybe it was 45 I thought it was 50) however in reality it is enabled after 10.

    After it is enabled go to your personal setup and there you can upload an avatar from your computer. As you may note I have not done one yet, I probably should but I really like the knight in shining armor.
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