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Thread: p2p and firewalls...

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    If you think your firewall is slowing up traffic, you might want to check to see what it's logging. If it's underpowered and logging all traffic (accepts and denies), you might want to trun off logging on accepts. Shouldn't make much of a difference on a small network with little traffic though.

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    If you are like I am and are lacking in the "technical skills" department, but at the same time, miss using WinMX, there is a quick, easy and free solution it is called MXPIE. There is no spyware or anything else bundled with it. For those a little more savvy and courageous, there is even a manual option.

    So come on back to WinMX, and download to your hearts content. Thanks to these updates, not even the power of the RIAA can stop a network.

    IF you have downloaded WinMX and still cannot connect, you can even get personalized realtime help. Just go to this link WinMX Channels Copy the Room name appropriate for your Language and paste it into your WinMX chat screen, then press the Join Button. This works on version 3.53 and up even if you are not connected. It allows you to join into chatrooms set up for you to get immediate help.

    Everything you need at the MXPIE Website Free and Spyware free.

    I have also found a site for Computer problem that is nice, prompt and VERY helpful. If there is a problem you need an answer to, they can help.

    Realtime help available for WinMX 3.53 users having trouble getting connected. Go to WinMX Channels.

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    ermmm, the thread is 2 years old. I'm sure the op has found the solution by now. When the date's are flashing, no need to give cpr to a corpse. You can start a new thread on the subject with updated info and that would probably be more beneficial to all.

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    That post sounded like an ad and I hate ads!!!
    Sorry, had to get that out of the way
    Well...its not gonna get much better than linux!

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