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Thread: Boot problem Plz HELP! ! ! !

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    Boot problem Plz HELP! ! ! !

    Hi, i have 2 days trying to install Win Xp Pro on a Hp Machine, the machine is Xp compatible, 1 month ago I installed a new hard drive 'caiuse it was messup and, after that it worked just fine, but last week i was out on vacation and i trusted some cousins to use my pc and when i came back i wanted to check my email and it didn't boot, i try reparing win xp but it didn't work, i tryed reinstalling and when it was coping the files it always stoped at 27% , i tried it several times. i thinked that the HD was mess up but i checked and try to install win xp on my other computer and it worked fine using the same HD , and afther that i changed the CD RW and DVD and put the other CD ROM and it didn't work in the HP computer.
    But in my other computer it wotrks just fine, some other details are that it boots from the CD ROM and Floppy but it doesn't boot from the HD in the HP, but in my other computer it worked, the HP when it boots and theirs only the HD only shows a cursor blinking thats all.

    if someone could help me i would reali apreciate

    I'm a bit drunk, so sorry for the bad spelling or if a say some non sense, but please help me

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    If I got you right your computer will boot from a floopy or a cd... I woould chack and make sure that they didn't screw with your bios settings... If they didn't then I would do a complete reformat and try a totally clean install... Good Luck
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    im agreeing with the other dewd, and dont forget
    get a dos prompt and do
    hope that helps.

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    Simply don't use the WinXP again.
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    firstly i would like to tell you that when your re-installation stops at 27% it has probably got problem in copying driver.cab(may be).you may try getting to an early restore point and try installing it again or when the computer boots you can select booting device(i hope u know that)by selecting the device by which you want to boot your computer you can easily format the system volume and can get a fresh install.hope u will understand it

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    I recently had this issue with a W2000 machine.

    it was due to changing the BIOS Advanced Power management setup.........this is an issue acknowledged by MS........if these get changed a reinstall is required!!!!

    I tried a parallel install and it would error out saying unable to copy blah blah blah......CD may be damaged...blah blah.

    New CD.......same errors.

    I tried a format and reinstall........ same errors.

    I removed the partition.......then recreated it........formated and the errors went away.

    Obviously MS has put BIOS settings into the Master File Table.

    Anyway........sounds like the same errors.


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    Things to check:

    Boot devices in BIOS. I had a system do this to me and I found someone had disabled the hard drive as a boot device. Actually, they enabled HDD-1 as the boot device. I found HDD-0 nowhere near the HDD list in the BIOS, hence where the confusion came from.

    PC Health monitoring in BIOS. Disable this in the BIOS in case someone deleted the driver for it or in my case removed an unknown device from the hardware devices list. If the PC Health monitoring drivers are messed with, the system will not boot until it is disabled in the BIOS. The OS thinks that because it cannot monitor the system health any longer there must be a problem and it shuts down to save the processor, etc.

    Good Luck!

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    i completly agree w/ cleanbash... use Linux/BSD and if you really wanna play those games use Win 2000

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    thanks for the replys , i tryed every thing you said, checked the Bios, and all the drives(CDRW, DVD, Floppy,HD) in this computer, and i put a new HD and other CD Rom and it stoped at 27%, and the Win XP cd is in good condition .
    Does anyone has had this kind of problems ?

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    The only time I had this problem was with WinXP Home that a customer had tried to do a REPAIR of the installation and F'd up.

    Things I have not heard about your attempts at reInstalling XP,

    -HAve you got more than one stick of RAM in the Machine? IF so Remove all but one (leave the largest stick in).. then retry installing..
    -Are you Formatting the HDD before starting the Install
    -As mentioned earlier - did you Re Partition and Format the HDD?
    -What File System are you Using, FAT32 or NTFS?
    -Is the XP Disk you are using a MS OEM/Retail Disk or a HP restore CD.
    -When the machine 'Failed to Boot", What happened,
    =did you get any error messages?
    =Just what did you get on the screen, where in the BOOT process are you getting to?

    This is meant to add to the other helpful posts..

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