When looking into C++, beware which book you use. C++ is an extremely complex and richly featured programming language. There are more poorly written books than there are authors, and more poor programming techinques than there are programmers. It is very easy to quickly learn bad programming techniques. My number one suggestion is to find a book written by a very well established and accredited programmer who also writes books. NOT an author who also programs computers. If he is such a great programmer, why is he writing books for a living? Remember that most books (sadly) are sold due to good marketing and exposure rather than good content.
I asked a lot of people when I fortunately began to realize the many logical and stylistic errors in the book I was learning from and most pointed me to "The C++ Programming Language. Third Edition" written by Bjarne Stroustrup and published by Addison-Wesley, 1997. ISBN 0-201-88954-4. I have found this book to be extremely accurate, informative, and easy to learn from.

If you are serious about this, buy a book or two (or three). A good book can be used as a reference for your entire programming career, not just a course to start it. I think people learn better from books than from the internet anyway. There is nothing that I have ever wanted to learn or know that could not be found better in a book than online.
Good luck.