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Thread: Drivers for Linux ( R H 7.2)

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    Drivers for Linux ( R H 7.2)

    I've an S3 ProSavage DDR onboard graphics card (VIA chipset)

    While installation of Linux Red Hat 7.2, I was not able to get its

    drivers & now the linux is not bootung because of these drivers

    Can somebody tell me where can I get thesae drivers???

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    You have another computer right (because how else could you post) first of all try a search engine www.google.com etc etc if that fails download kaza at www.download.com searxh for the driver misssing if a user is sharing it download it throw it into a floppy A: and you good to go.

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    I'm confused. Are you saying the install CD wont boot? Or are you saying you did a install and now it wont boot? If the CD can boot you should be able to boot the installed system, even without X working properly. Lack of specific video drivers wont stop Linux from booting, as console mode uses universally supported video modes. Provide more information and I'll try to help.
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