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    i'm losting in the the web site i don't know how to psote a questions in the correct forum.and some times it says that i'm not allowed or not logged in or registred even if i'm logged in.some one help me to be familiar with the site.thanx

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    A good place to start is reading the Site FAQ. It is also linked off the main page just over to the right.


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    Well you have to wait for awhile like when you get your email and it says go to this link to activate well after that you have to wait for another email, then you should be ok and read the FAQ it will help you out: http://www.antionline.com/misc.php?action=faq

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    Then when you activate your account you can start posting on the forums. But it is better to have set the cookies on this site on, either you will have to register many times and sometimes you couldn't. This was the situation about a year ago i don't know if it is now too.

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    Yea activate cookies yea i guess htey can be a piad but i can be a pain of whats happening to you

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    I only have that to say:
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    I'm glad you wrote this I was just as confused as you when I first came here a short time ago. But the people here are willing to give you help and direct you to links which will guide you. Good Luck, Auntie
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    If the FAQ doesn't help, I'd try emailing JP or another moderator.
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