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Thread: OSs & problems...

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    Lightbulb OSs & problems...

    I have been for a long time away so don't flame me if that post have been recently posted too.

    A question that will help me about choosing the best OS with the less problems.

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    Im thinking win xp my dad uses it and it never crashes never does any werid **** but i still hate it i like linux mandrake or red hat

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    Well as i have tested many windows versions listen:
    Win XP is a piece of ****
    Win XP SP1 solve only 308 problems and by correcting them it makes even more
    Win ME i think is the most stable and without many problems and sometimes even at all
    Win 98 and SE i don't think is good to have them these days
    For Lindows and Linux i have nothing to say

    Also i have seen on a friend's of mine computer that Win XP are running without any error maybe the computer is a reason for the problem. Maybe...

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    I think the consensus for the Windows Products is 2000 Pro.

    For the Linux part, I have no clue.
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    Me too, but my cousin says that is the fastest OS.

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    Debian, Freebsd, Slackware are my favorite I've never had a problem with them
    I've used Mandrake 7.2-8.2 but I hated updating it slow mirrors, corrupt packages with
    bad checksums. They should go back to the basics and cut out the eye candy

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    I use and love 2000 for my Windows needs, I also have windows 98 installed on a second hard disk, to play all the old games that win2k does not support, I also have a linux partition which I test out distros on, So I can't really help you with the linux part yet
    My advise would be to use windows 2000 if you want a Windows OS, it's far far more stable than windows ME, I had it running for over 4 days once with little slowdown and no crashes, If you want to use XP I have used both windows xp home and pro, and I have to say that the pro version is far better than home.

    Anywayy its up to you what to use, its really a matter of personnal preferance, try out many different OS's until you find whats best for you

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    Hello ii-monk.
    I have tested nearly all the Windows versions and I can say you that Windows ME is probably the worst of them (a LOT of people have been a LOT of problems with it). XP pro and 2000 are probably the best.
    But if you don't care for compatibility and games, you can install a decent linux (like RedHat) or bsd (like OpenBSD) distro.
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    I've been using Win XP Pro with Service Pack1 and so far everythingís been going ok. One thing that does piss me off about xp is all the stupid wizards. Still waiting for a version of Linux to replace windows but thatís at lest a few years off, Guess Iíll have to settle for dual boot.
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    I have one machine with xp home and an old box running Slackware. My wife has xp pro. Since installing xp home in January, I've had no problem with it. My wife's xp pro has been just as stable. The jury is still out on the two xp's.

    I honestly doubt either or any distribution will match the stability of Slackware Linux though. I've yet to have it crash in over a year of networking our other two computers.

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