I have just installed a Web server in my computer. I am running Windows 98 SE, at 133MHz Pentium Processor with 32MB SDRAM.

My questions/Concerns:

I orgionaly was going to use it for local CGI testing so that i reduce the load on my free web host who was kind enough to give me CGI access ( www.netfirms.com ). So I downloaded a few web servers and experemented. I tryed apache, simplke server, windows httpd, website and a few others.

I have found one that does what i want it to do, has security restrictions and works nicely called KF Web Server for fre at www.keyfocus.net

I have installed the latest version of Snort for Win32 with the latest rule set. I have also Kerio Personal firewall configured for maximum security (latest version), As well I use AVG antivirus and update every mourning at 7 AM. And i have Taumon which monitors and scans my computer for trojans.

However I am no security expert and I have a few questions.

Besides what i have already mentioned and keeping up to date with security patches from Microsoft, is there other things I should do to enoure the security of my computer now that I have opened up my computer to the entire world on port 80.

I am becomeing nervious already, today I have had about 10 popups with my firewall asking me if someone can conect to port 80. Some of these people I knew and others I dont. I have not yet set any firewall rules to restrict access to my port. As well there are no rules set to alow access to port 80, so any time someone wants to conect i must click permit.

I know other common ports are 8080 and 8088, which i am considering, i am even considering just useing the server for local access, blocking all other conections, and remaping the port to a uncommon number such as 6758.

Can someone help educate me a bit more about security and what i should look out for...excetra.

I am a newbie