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Thread: DMCA strikes(out) again..

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    DMCA strikes(out) again..

    George Ziemann didn't have delusions of grandeur when it came to selling his band's CD.

    He just wanted to promote the album -- and hopefully sell a few copies -- on a higher-traffic site than his own. So he turned to eBay, the Net's largest marketplace.

    But the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), a law meant to limit people from distributing content illegally over the Internet, foiled him.

    The reason? He used recordable CDs (CD-Rs) to distribute his albums.

    The discs allow people to record data files -- music and movies, for instance -- and they are often used to record and sell pirated wares.

    As a precaution against enabling thieves to sell stolen merchandise on the site, eBay launched its Verified Rights Owner program, which allows copyright holders to send eBay take-down notices for auctions that violate copyright laws.

    The problem in Ziemann's case, he said, is that he's selling his own music.

    The mistake occurred when eBay employees swept the site for illegally posted materials. On two occasions, the company mistakenly identified Ziemann's album -- which was advertised as a CD-R -- as infringing on somebody's copyright, said eBay spokesman Kevin Pursglove

    Entire article can be found on Wired.com
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    Or "How the DMCA will slowly but surely destroy a major part of the independent creativity on Internet"

    Warning: With this evolution, on 2 or 3 years, speaking about music on Internet will probably violate a law. And on 10 years, buying a cd in a store could become illegal
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    I think that the recording industry is shooting themselves in the foot , people are starting too loose interest and will quit buying music almost altogether.

    Am I a law-abiding gun owner? Depends, what's the law today?
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    excellant find Mahakaal!

    and people should stop buying CD's for reasons like this and let them know why.

    These people will do anything...ANYTHING...to make money, including abandoning their witch hunts.
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