OK, heres the problem, ive got a decent box, Athlon XP 1700+, 256MB DDR, 40Gb hd, nVidia geforce2 400 64mb video card, but its running M$ Winblows 2000, and whenever i try to play games that require openGL support they play for a while then something f***s up and gives me a the blue screen of death(kernel error), i know my system has openGL support and ive downloaded the latest drivers for everything, it still has this problem, if i shut the machine down for an hour or so then play it will last about 3 hrs, otherwise it only takes about an hour.

Im hoping somebody can tell me if this is an incompatability between some hardware, or between some of the hardware and Winblows. I know i cant be the only one that has ever had this problem, so please if you know anything let me know...im starting to hate my computer, and thats a bad thing.