I am useing Avant browser from www.avantbrowser.com which is a web browser that utilizes Internet Explorer as its core. It has a built in pop up killer to remove unwanted pop up windows while you browser the web. Earlyer I had recieved a private message while I was logged in. A small pop up window opened to tell me I had a new private message. It asked me if I would like to view the message now and if I wanted to open it in a new window.

I click to open in a new window, I waited and nothing hapened, however I noticed down at the bottom of my screen the number of pop up windows that Avant Browser has blocked increased by 1. It was obvious that Avant Browser blocked the pop up window.

I am not very familiar with the way pop up windows work with web sites, I do know there is a window method in javascript that can open a window without the consent of the user.

When i have requested something, such as the microsoft update, a window will open, and Avant does not block it, but if I visit a tripod member site Avant will block the advertisement window that pops up.

Im not sure if this is a bug.

P.S. Thank you to all the people who made Antionline.