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Thread: Carnivore

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    I am in the middle of reading this. It is a good read. but it is published by the US goverment so i do not know how accurate it really is. But i am finding it really intresting.

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    I remember when they first unveiled carnivore (bomb) and said that it could also (Allah) look for keywords (Hezbolah) in an email or on a mesage (assination) board and flag (militia) them for the Suit and Tie Guys back (2nd Amendment) in DC... You're right it is an interseting read...
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    man i think they should kill carnivore once and for all!!!!
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    Hey there 4MH, get the java ready, the suits will be visiting you shortly! Seriously, the study mentioned above is by IIT Chicago, "An Independent Review of the Carnivore System", and for my money paragraph ES.2 said it all: "Questions of constitutionality of carnivore-type intercepts and trustworthiness of law enforcement agents were outside the scope of this evaluation." Most laws are no better than the people enforcing them, and you got good apples and bad apples in every barrel. That's one reason why we have to have laws written so precicely. Otherwise, it's up to individual interpretation, and the suits have free attorney access while citizen mortgages his house to defend against a law that was interpreted differently by some individual suit having a bad hair day than what the legislature intended.
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    Privacy in one's associations ... may in many circumstances be
    indispensable to freedom of association, particularly where a group
    espouses dissident beliefs.
    -- John M. Harlan, Supreme Court justice, 1958
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    exactly veritas!! no one can know what the future will bring. to say your not a dissident today, does not mean there can not be a chain of events that will make you a dissident tomorrow, only then it will be to late.

    Another thing that really frightens me about Carnivore, is the fact that the data they collect today may well fall under the freedom of information act. I don't think many people would like to find prospective employers or insurance companies querrying their personal correspondance. Already the very large corporations have had querries run for them in the Carnivore database...for a price. Its not a good thing.
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    So Carnivore is for sale to the private sector to? The governments should protect the privacy of there citizens not help violate it.
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    Originally posted here by 4MidgetHitmen
    I remember when they first unveiled carnivore (bomb) and said that it could also (Allah) look for keywords (Hezbolah) in an email or on a mesage (assination) board and flag (militia) them for the Suit and Tie Guys back (2nd Amendment) in DC... You're right it is an interseting read...
    Though this is what Carnivore does, but it has been in effect for quite some time now. Every international call that you make is monitored for keywords like Midget mentioned. Mention Allah, or bomb, or President (among countless others), and you can bet your ass someone will be looking at the transcript tomorrow.

    I remember right after Sep 11th, about a month or so after, my girlfriend was flying out to Washington state to see her dad, and she emailed him about it, the subject line was "Final flight schedule"(we werent sure when she was lying out), and she got a very odd message from Hotmail saying that the message has not been sent yet, and is under review.

    The NSA monitors everything.

    EDIT: The 4th Amendment "guarantees" us protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. Therefore I think this whole baloney is unconstitutional.
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    We've got Carnivore for our email, Echelon for everything else, and new lax wire tap laws. It seems like any more privacy is a myth. I wasn't aware hotmail even gave a notice about questionable emails, I would have figured they would just pass it on or drop the message, that way it wouldnt arrouse suspicions? Another interesting device for anyone to check out is called the NSA Big Ears, or at least thats the name I heard the unit refered to, I believe its a high-powered accoustic bug that can listen through walls.
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    Question Privacy

    It seems that privacy is just a thing of the past , a word in a dictonairy for our children to look up to know what it means (or ment).
    Sometimes I see movies where people walk around with aluminum headgear ...sounds not too crazy anymore
    The movie "Enemy of the state" is a good "example" of how our privacy is just a mist , a dream in wich we leave.

    I'll just stop now don't wanna sound too depressed cuzz I'm not ... I'm more mad than depressed .


    see y'all

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