I have been chosen as a part of a group "Youth Volunteers for Positive Living" by the Commonwealth Nations Asia Center for ADIS awareness among school and college students. We aim not only to spread protective measures awareness but also we want to let the already suffering patients know that there is still hope for them(This is our main objective) and we are there to help them.
in our quest, we have done a lot of street plays, held a lot seminars etc but what we see that there is a dearth of really good slogans that would convey our message and help us achieve our aim.
So, I request all the AO members to help me by giving some good slogans for this and also suggest in wht other ways we can help the AIDS patients.
I also request u to let me know abt contacts of any good organizations that are doing considerable work in this regard. We wud really like to get in touch with them and share our ideas and experiences etc.