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Thread: Homemade crack

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    Homemade crack

    hey, im just wonderin wether you can make your own crack for games. Something like key generators or some thing. If so plz inform me...

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    Yes, one can make cracks for games/software etc. You need to know how to program though.
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    no not just a single program , i have some good tutorials laying in my closet at home ,
    i'll send them over k ?

    its reaaly complicated , and i advise you to just vistit some sites ...
    cracking involved a lot more than just open a win32 and then change some strings inthe code...

    not at all

    tonight i send it over

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    pierreke77 it's right....cracking a program it's really complicated...you have to know how to work with asm, hex editors, softice and a lot of other programs...it's very hard to begin with games especialy if they are modern ones...i recomend you to start looking for some pages with tutorials and some of them have little crackme programs wich you can learn a lot from them...
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    Download a disassembler and an assembler. Disassemble the game and when it asks for a serial you add a jump then assemble the program again and run the game.
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